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Boyd's American Bulldogs
Soundness, Structure, and Working Ability
Since 1993
B.I.S. Boyd's/ Manstopper's/ Sharp's Clockwork Oranje 98 lb., NCL clear, PH 0.32, 0.26
Oranje is the rare dog that carries bone, muscle, type, and size without sacrificing health, structural, and temperamental soundness.

Current and Planned Litters:
1) Oranje x Pacheco's Bella, pick female pup available, born February 21st.
2) We are not accepting deposits at this time for future breedings, but plan to breed Kea on her next heat. We will update if we are successful.
3) Please contact the following breeders we have done much work with, who have some or much of our stock and visa versa:
Xtreme American Bulldogs: David Lewis and Kristen Schaefer: Emphasizing bully hybrid dogs with working ability and health tests
Bionic American Bulldogs: Chris Thompson: Working hybrid bulldogs, and one of the top show and Schutzhund titling kennels in the world
Eagle's Wing American Bulldogs: Chris and Jane Mead: Working hybrid bulldogs, emphasizing working ability, standard conformation, and health tests
NorCal American Bulldogs: Marcel and Amy: Working hybrid and standard bulldogs with extreme working performance as the primary goal
Manstoppers American Bulldogs: Closing in on two decades as one of the top extreme bully AB programs in the world and the new owners of Oranje!
Ostergard American Bulldogs: Trina Ostergard, Denmark: Large-sized bully and bully-hybrid dogs, emphasis on Tyson blood
White Bulls American Bulldogs: Anke Munker, Germany: one of the longest standing breeders of bully and bully hybrid dogs in Europe

NCL information The University of Missouri provides DNA testing for the hidden NCL carrier gene. Univ. of Missouri, Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, (573) 884-3712. VetGen is also offering the test. vetgen.com (734) 669-8440. See Breeding Program for our NCL policy. Video of NCL-affected dog and discussion PLEASE test your dogs!

Matt & Susie Boyd (209)625-6890
24447 N. Dustin Rd., Acampo, CA 95220