Click here for "Helpful Puppy Info" Two pages of very helpful puppy info, from shots, to housebreaking, to maintaining an ideal weight on your puppy.

Click here for "Dog Bite Prevention Information" from www., an Australian-based dog-training and behavior therapy group that has trainers worldwide.

Click here for "Breaking Up Dog Fights In a Shelter Setting" article from the ASPCA website.

Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
Ceroid Lipofuscinosis University of Missouri research, has specific information on the American Bulldog, characteristics of the disease in the AB, and info on how to send blood and/ or tissue samples to them for research on the disease in the American Bulldog breed. University of Australia research, border collies but has a good chart on autosomal recessive genes to help you know your dog's chance of being a carrier (if there are known carriers in it's line).
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