Dog Bite Prevention

(taken from National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 21-27, 2006 handout, Bark Busters USA,
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The Problem*
More than 4.8 million Americans are bitten each year
In 2005, bites cost the property/casualty insurance industry $317.2 million**
43% are children bitten by the family dog
Majority of dog bites occur within pet owner's home
Over 750,000 people require medical attention

Safety Tips for Parents:
Do not allow your young child to discipline a dog
Never leave a young child or baby alone with a dog
Do not allow your child to feed a dog unsupervised
Do not allow your child to pull on the dog's collar
Do not allow your child to walk the dog unsupervised
Do not allow your child to play aggressive games with any dog
Teach your dog to be submissive, and respond to verbal commands

Safety Tips for Children:
Never pet a strange dog, even if the owner is present
Stay away from a dog while it is eating and sleeping
Never retrieve a ball from someone else's yard
Stay away from a dog that is tied up
Never pull a dog's ears or tail
Never tease a dog or make it angry
Stand totally still if a dog runs at you barking. Cover your face with your hands
Do not yank your hand away if a dog "mouths" your hands
If knocked to the ground by a dog, roll into a ball, cover your face with your arms, and stay as still as possible until the dog leaves.

Safety Tips to Follow When a Dog Approaches:
Stand still, stand tall-don't move a muscle
Face the dog at all times, but don't stare
Don't look in the dog's eyes
Allow the dog to smell you - they must come close
Don't run
Don't put you hand out
Wait for the dog to lose interest
Back away slowly, watching the dog from the corner of your eye

*American Veterinary Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
**Insurance Information Institute

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