List of Schutzhund titled dogs our kennel and/ or our stud dogs have produced:


CH Boyd's Hi Jumpin' Mikie SchH III, BST, PH 0.43, 0.46, OFA good

Boyd's Thunderstruck Hank Williams Jr. SchH I

Boyd's Thunderstruck Reba McIntyre SchH I

Joye's Magnus SchH I?

Blue's Tatanka of Boyd SchH I

Boyd's Rip N' Woodchip SchH I

Attitude's Izzy of Boyd SchH I

Bionic's Ziggy of Boyd SchH I

White Bandit's/ Ostergaard's Diablo SchH I

Bionic's Kahili of Moose Run SchH I

Bionic's Big Man of Boyd SchH I


"Boyd's Coalchamber", SchH III, BST 2, PD2, GDT, IDT3, PH 0.43, 0.45
more pics of Josh and Coal on their big day....

Coal checking in, with owner Josh Markow, judge from Michigan
The forced retrieve.
Coal's re-attack with trial helper Keith O'Sullivan.
Coal's escape bite.
Keith, Josh, Coal, and the judge.
Coal in a lighthearted moment!
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