Boyd's/ Sharp's Clockwork Oranje x Pacheco's Bella
Pups born February 21, 2012.
This breeding is right up our alley! If you like muscular working dogs with some thickness and type, this litter is the right stuff! We are very excited to take the modern bully structure and muscle of Oranje over a traditional "West Coast Hybrid" type dog, originally developed by Kyle Symmes, and continued by myself and a number of other West Coast breeders. Many AB breeders, including myself, have run into fertility difficulties with bully AB females. This breeding offers outstanding maternal characteristics along with the muscle and structure of the modern-style American Bulldog.

Boyd's/ Sharp's Clockwork Oranje PH 0.26. 0.32, NCL clear
(Megabull's Canon x Megabull's/ Sharp's Missy)
Oranje has been turning into a beast of a bulldog. Very nice thick animal, without sacrificing structural soundness, health, and temperament. Creme d' le creme! (Sorry for the flash in eyes. Was getting too dark for a good pic.)

Pacheco's Bella Donna, PennHip 0.47, 0.46, NCL clear
Bella is a very well-built athletic female who is larger than most males. She is very athletically built, especially for a girl who is 95 lb., and 25+ inches at the withers. Taller than Oranje, though not as wide. Her pedigree is made up mostly of California hybrid dogs from Sure Grip and my own breeding. Should be an awesome combo!

Bella's grandsire, CH Wig's Brewzer Delight, out of two dogs we bred.

2 males
The last two males. (SOLD)
These two boys are outstanding examples of bully hybrid dogs.

Ear marked female
The ear-marked female.
This is the bulliest female. She is very active and hard to get photos of!

Ear marked female
The ear marked female again.
This girl is very solid and well-built, and is definitely going to be a bruiser!

Gebo's Hoss of Boyd x Boyd's Mauna Loa
Due April 25, 2012.
This breeding combines offspring of two of the finest Mikie offspring, Bumpkin and Kahili, with the best hips in the breed and some awesome compact bully blood through Ghana. This breeding is six generations deep of our breeding, and throws back to the finest of the source of our first dogs, Bill Hines' kennel. Loa's compactness and correctness combined with Hoss's mass and size should produce some very thick, old-style bulldogs. These are hybrid dogs of the sort we have been breeding for two decades, and have no modern bully blood past Hobo and Dixie Chick.

Gebo's Hoss of Boyd PH, NCL clear, 115 lb. as pictured
(Wild River In Spades OFA excellent, PH 0.25 x Boyd's Country Bumpkin OFA good)
This was a pup I really wanted to keep, but was unable to because we were leaving for Guatemala. We sold him locally and ended up selling Loa to the same people. We couldn't be happier than this combination of dogs!

Hoss is a very solidly built bulldog of the old style. The modern dogs have moved "beyond" him in terms of muscle, bone, and bulliness, but you won't find a better temperament with children, strange dogs, and a healthier, more vigorous animal. Even with all this size, he reminds me of one of my early favorites, Hines' Bossman. We look forward to what he will bring to this breeding!.

Boyd's Mauna Loa, PH 0.59, 65 lb. NCL clear
(CH Kahili SchH1, PH x Boyd's Ghana Be a Winna, OFA)
Loa is an old style bulldog in a modern conformation package. She is happy, social, super playful and intelligent with a very compact bully structure. Looking to her to moderate the muzzle and back on this litter, yet still provide plenty of temperamment and vigor!

CH Bionic's Kahili of Moose Run, SchH1 produced his final litter with our Ghana, culminating in Loa and a number of other fine dogs. Here he is shown doing his Schutzhund routine at almost nine years old! This was one of the finest dogs from probably Mikie's finest breeding. I expect some outstanding dogs to come out of the Oranje x Kea breeding.


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